Extended water treadmill - suitable for giant breeds

Size is everything – our large pool keeps dogs motivated

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Tailored Pet Hydrotherapy Sessions in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Does your beloved dog need rehabilitation, to lose weight, or just some fun? Hydrotherapy with Bilbo's Hydrotherapy and Pet Spa is the ideal solution.

We provide a range of exercise options for pets from our comfortable and safe facility in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Tailoring our treatments to the individual pet to ensure they achieve their goals and live a happier, healthier, and potentially a longer, more effective life.

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Our facilities

Our Team

All our therapy team are registered Canine Hydrotherapists with the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH). We work to the highest ethical and care standards in the UK, giving you peace of mind that your pet is receiving care from someone who is highly trained, qualified, and experienced.

Our Trusted Partners

We work in close collaboration with your vet, as well as having a direct relationship with other canine therapists as required.


We offer both hydrotherapy pool and a water treadmill.This allows for flexibility when choosing the most suitable treatment for a patient. The choice of therapy will be based on our knowledge and experience, as well as your pet’s general health, surgical treatment, or injury, and the treatments adjusted accordingly. For some conditions such as hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis, a combination of pool work and water treadmill can give the best outcomes.

Exercising in water can help reduce fatigue and pressure on joints, soothe pain, and help with balance. It can also improve mobility and flexibility, allowing pets to recover from surgery or an injury quicker, and experience a better quality of life and wellbeing. 

Hydrotherapy utilises the natural properties of the water, with the principles of relative density, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, surface tension, viscosity, and resistance help achieve its therapeutic benefits in a safe environment.

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Hours of Operation

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Tues-Fri: 10:00-19:00 

Sat & Sun 10:00-16:00

Hydrotherapy Pool

Hydrotherapy Pool

  • 6 X 3 Metres – One of the Largest in the UK

  • Size Allows Relaxed Natural Behaviour and Motivation

  • Allows early rehabilitation where reduced weight bearing or load on joints is important – post-surgery or injury

  • Resting and treatment platforms allow physiotherapy treatment and massage in the pool

  • Heated to 29-30 degrees – relaxing and pain relieving

  • Swim jets for neurological input or to increase effort, building muscle and cardiovascular fitness

Water Treadmill

Water Treadmill

  • Allows Observation and Filming from All Sides

  • Allows Early Rehabilitation for Spinal Injury/Surgery Patients

  • Hydrotherapists Can be Hands on to Aid Correct Gait and Give Massages

  • Water Height Can be Adjusted to Decrease/Increase Weight Bearing

  • Water Height Can be Adjusted to Achieve Movements We Require

  • Speed and Duration Can be Adjusted to Achieve Optimal Gait

  • Useful for Dogs That Are Nervous about Swimming

Weight-Bearing Water Resistance

Our state-of-the-art, extended water treadmill is sufficiently large for giant breeds, while allowing hydrotherapists and the owner to be in the chamber.

Water treadmill therapy is highly beneficial, as it uses the therapeutic properties of water to improve range of motion, strengthen muscles, and boost endurance, with reduced risk of injury.

The water treadmill gives us variable control over speed, resistance, and depth, which allows for a tailored and progressive therapy plan. Treadmill treatments are personalised for each pet by adjusting the treadmill speed, water level height, time, or distance.

Many conditions benefit from hydrotherapy, especially those disorders in which a pet is reluctant to use a limb, there is a lack of strength, a range of motion, proprioceptive ability, or weight-bearing status.

Reducing the weight put on the bones and joints is highly important in increasing endurance and strength, and helping to facilitate necessary weight loss, without excess stress on the joints. The water provides greater resistance to limb movement than air for a therapeutic effect. The higher the water level, the more your pet's weight is supported, and the greater the resistance they feel.

Using water treadmills can decrease the recovery time from surgery, improve arthritis through low impact exercise, improve neurologic conditions, and increase cardiovascular fitness. The water treadmill can also benefit dogs that do not particularly like water and are unlikely to participate in pool therapy sessions.

While a treadmill is an important rehabilitation tool, more important is the experience and certification of the hydrotherapist operating it and how they use it. All our hydrotherapists have extensive experience with treadmill therapy as well as certifications and advanced training in water treadmill rehabilitation.

We ensure the safety and success of our treatment by always having a hydrotherapist present with your pet, to reassure and facilitate the correct movement.

This direct contact allows the hydrotherapist to monitor your pet’s safety and progress, support them, motivate them, perform passive and active range of motion therapy, stimulate normal gait when needed.


When dogs swim, they are not weight-bearing, using their legs differently than when they walk, moving through a greater range of motion. A therapy pool complements the weight bearing and the water resistance of the treadmill. Both are important tools to the hydrotherapist, allowing us to do more on core strength, overall stamina, and conditioning. To ensure the best outcomes of the therapy, our certified hydrotherapists actively facilitate the session, remaining in the  pool with your pet throughout the therapy.

Our pool is one of the largest in the UK, this allows for relaxed, natural behaviour and motivation. The water is heated to 30 degrees to ensure your pet’s comfort.

The water will help support and lessen the stress on the joints, encourage free movement, and provides a safe environment for exercise. The warm temperature also makes it an effective environment for stretching and massaging physically compromised animals.

Swimming exercises work several muscle groups simultaneously, while reducing pressure on damaged joints and muscles. These low-impact exercises allow the muscles to stretch further than they can on land, improving flexibility and building muscle tissue without aggravating the injury.


Hydrotherapy Massage

Massage is integral into our treatment plans, increasing the circulation to improve healing, decrease pain, reduce swelling, increase blood flow, improve oxygen delivery to tissues, and break down scar tissue.


1. Optimising recovery

Optimising recovery

  • From Illness and Injury

  • Pre and Post-Orthopaedic Surgery

  • After Neurological Surgery

2. Minimising Dysfunction and Disability

Minimising Dysfunction and Disability

  • Degenerative Conditions

  • Musculoskeletal Problems

  • Neurological Conditions

We use Controlled Aquatic Rehabilitative Exercise (CARE) to:

We use Controlled Aquatic Rehabilitative Exercise (CARE) to:

  • Improve Range of Motion and Mobility

  • Minimise Weight on Arthritic Joints

  • Minimise Stress on Recovering Tissues Post-Operatively

  • Enhance Cardiovascular Function

  • Accelerate Return to Function after Injury

  • Provide Stability and Confidence While Exercising

  • Proprioceptive Stimuli and Gait Re-Training

Please note that the amount of activity allowed will be determined by your vet and your hydrotherapist

Stance Analysis

We use the latest technology to assess your pet’s weight distribution, stability and centre of gravity and monitor their response to treatment in conjunction with muscle mass, range of movement and gait analysis aided by our underwater cameras. This technology allows you to visualise where lameness exists and how the hydrotherapy is helping your pet’s progress.

How It Works 

When a pet has a normal stance, the front limbs bear 60% of the pet’s weight and the rear limbs bear the remaining 40%. These numbers are also evenly distributed between the left and right limbs of the pet. In a pet experiencing even subtle lameness, pain, or structural abnormality, these numbers are altered. Using a computerized system, we can objectively evaluate these parameters. This can be useful for evaluating your pet, creating tailored treatment plans, and tracking your pet’s progress. 

Want to book a hydrotherapy session? Contact our team for the tailored exercises we create for pets in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.