Innovative Exercise for Dogs in Gloucestershire

Keeping your dog healthy with regular exercise is important, Bilbo's Hydrotherapy and Pet Spa offers an innovative alternative to walking and running.

Whether it's regular swimming or a water treadmill workout, our service offers a safe, fun, and challenging mental and physical fitness option for dogs of every age and athletic ability.

A Safe Way to Have Water Fun with Your Dogs and Family

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Dog Swim Parties

Dog Swimming, Whatever the Weather!

A Relaxed Positive Introduction to Water

Fitness Unleashed One Visit at a Time

Our Facilities

We have one of the largest pools in the UK, helping keep the dogs motivated for long periods. Dogs have the option to do laps, fetch and retrieve toys, learn to weave or surf, or simply learn to swim with the help of our registered canine hydrotherapists.

Our water treadmill is extended to accommodate larger breeds, owners, as well as one of our team. Fitted with an extended ramp to allow your pet to access the pool on their own terms.

We highly recommend swim fitness programmes for pets who’ve completed rehabilitation programmes for continued strength.



  • Helping Dogs to Achieve and Maintain Fitness with Excellent Cardiovascular Results

  • Minimising Dysfunction and Disability Caused by Less Than Optimum Physical Fitness

  • Intensify Conditioning or Boost Weight Loss

  • Learnt-to-Swim Lessons, Providing a Relaxed Positive Introduction to Water

FUNctional Canine Fitness

We aim to make our exercises fun and rewarding, not restricting our rehabilitation and hydrotherapy work to pets recovering from illness or injury.

Swimming and underwater treadmill training is a great way for dogs to accomplish a high level of body fitness, without experiencing the consequences and impact on the bone and joints from land exercise. It is particularly helpful to accommodate your puppy’s exercise needs during the winter.

For senior pets, our pool is maintained at 30degrees, creating warm therapeutic effects and loosening their joints and tightened contracted muscles. Resulting in comfort and relief, all while experiencing the benefit of the exercise.

A hydrotherapy massage is therapeutic and gives an energising effect for older pets, as well as those who have suffered problems with muscles, bones, and joints.

Regardless of your pet’s age and health status, we have the facilities and team that offers therapy that can not only help your pet recover from an injury or illness, but also help promote their health, fitness, and well-being.

A water workout can help:

A water workout can help:

  • Expand Physical Potential

  • Provide Total Body Exercise Working Limbs and Core

  • Provide a 75% Increase in Calorie Burn

  • Promote All Round Well-Being




  • Enhancing Athletic Performance Whether Amateur or Elite

  • Tailored to Activity, Prolonging Healthy Participation in Sports, While Preventing Injury


Our Aqua Conditioning-Exercises (ACE) go well beyond swimming, ACE uses water to provide resistance, buoyancy, instability, challenge, as well as safety in a conditioning programme that aims to enhance:


  • Power

  • Athleticism

  • Speed

  • Endurance

ACE forces dogs to:.

ACE forces dogs to:

  • Work muscles both eccentrically and concentrically allowing an equal ratio of strength and muscle mass

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Increase flexibility

  • Allows movement of limbs through a full range of motion, at multiple angles of placement, amid wide ranges of torque

  • Participate in intense workouts that increase endurance but don't lead to soreness or risk injury

Adding hydrotherapy activities to your dog's cross-training programme has many benefits, including:

Adding hydrotherapy activities

  • Improved Reaction and Control

  • Increased Core Strength

  • Stabilisation of Weak Areas

  • Improved Balance, and Sensory & Body Awareness

  • Increased Range of Motion in Joints and Elongation of the Muscles

  • Preventing Sports-Related Injuries


Surf Board

By having the dog work on an unstable surface, you are challenging the core musculature, as well as activating several different muscle groups to work simultaneously in a coordinated pattern. Tilting is performed manually by applying pressure directly to the surface, or by shifting the dog’s weight.

Hydrotherapy Session

Puppy Socialise n’ Swim

Our introductory class is for puppies up to 1 year, max of 6 puppies per class and commencing from 16 weeks of age.

Your puppy will learn how to not only save themselves, but how to swim, have fun in the water, and provide a venue for them to burn off their extra energy.

4 weekly swimming sessions are priced at £60 per puppy, with booking essential as places go fast.

The benefits of our puppy social swimming sessions include:

Puppy Socialise n’ Swim

  • Puppies Are Introduced to Water Safely

  • All Puppies Are Taught to Swim Independently

  • All Puppies Will Be Able to Swim with Confidence

  • Your Puppy Will Be Able to Socialise with Others

  • A Great Way to Burn off Some Excess Puppy Energy in a Controlled Safe Environment

Aqua Pup

Our Aqua Pup sessions are the continuation of our ‘Puppy Socialise n’ Swim’ sessions or for those who require special care and extra space around other dogs. These are one-to-one sessions for puppies under 6 months of age, priced at £30 per puppy.

Learning to Swim

These sessions are a private introduction to the pool and swimming. Our lessons are a great way to enhance your dog’s confidence and strength while learning safe practices around the water.

Our swimming lessons can begin when your dog is weeks of age, with 5 weekly sessions priced at £140 per dog.

Swim Dog Slim

Our ‘Swim Dog Slim’ programme is specifically designed to help your pet lose weight and keep fit.

Extra weight on your dog comes with a host of potential health problems, though the ideal weight varies on the breed, striking a healthy balance between exercise and diet is the key.

We will give you the right advice and tools to help you maintain your pet’s healthy weight and maximise their quality of life.

Our programme has many benefits including:

Our programme has many benefits including:

  • Identify, Achieve, and Maintain Your Pet’s Ideal Weight

  • Improve Your Pet’s Overall Health

  • Help Your Pet Lead a Balanced Life with Exercise, Nutrition, and Funith Exercise, Nutrition, and Fun

Our team will craft a customised exercise programme to help your pet maintain a healthy weight, with members of our programme receiving many incentives including:

Our team

  • Nutritional Support and Guidance

  • Customised Home Exercise Programme from Our Canine Physiotherapist

  • Hydrotherapy in Our Water Treadmill and/or Swimming in Our Pool

  • Scientifically Tracked Weight Loss

  • Progressive Weight Management Chart

  • Full Communication and Partnering with Your Vet to Maximise Your Pet’s Healthy Weight Success

Two swim sessions a week are priced at £55 per dog. Entry for our ‘2019 Slimmer Pet of the Year’ award is now open, with the winner receiving a swim card valued at £140.

Silver Paws

Our ‘Silver Paws programme is designed for senior pets, with our hydrotherapy offering older dogs a way to stay active, mobile, and improve their quality of life.

Our therapy goals include:

Silver Paws

  • Pain Control

  • Maintaining Range of Motion

  • Flexibility

  • Maintaining or Improving Strength

The overall goal of our hydrotherapy sessions is to improve your dog’s ability to move and function in day-to-day life. Before a senior dog can undertake our sessions, it's important for them to be examined by a vet to rule out or treat any medical issues.

The hydrotherapy sessions mainly involve exercise on a water treadmill and combined swimming, with regular sessions allowing the dog to enjoy painless, fun means of exercise and movement.

Performance Conditioning

A show dog is expected the prime example of a breed, meaning they need to be muscular, move with impulsion and drive, while remaining balanced, and performing to the task.

All performance dogs need to undertake cross training and additional activities to make sure that they are fit and able to bring their optimal level of performance. Whether it’s showing, agility, tracking, herding, flyball, canicross, or racing, performance conditioning will increase a dog's competitive edge. At the same time, this programme works to minimise the risk of injury associated with the specific athletic performance.

Our hydrotherapy sessions will help a canine athlete reach their full potential and enable them to avoid common injuries, with individualised programmes created to meet the individual needs of the dog.

If you are preparing for your National, the Royal, or Speciality shows, weekly appointments are recommended. If your dog is new to our conditioning programmes, they should start at least 10 weeks before your important event.

Owners of healthy dogs who are interested in maximising their dog’s performance through conditioning still require a veterinary referral..

You will see improvement in your dog in as little as 2 sessions of our bespoke conditioning programmes.

Our individual conditioning programmes are designed to:

Our individual

  • Target and Build Muscle Where Needed

  • Tighten Elbows and Hocks

  • Increase Top-Line

  • Improve Gait and Correct Gait Problems

  • Increase Reach, Drive, Balance and Coordination

  • Build Stamina and Strength

Fun Fitness and Swim

Looking to break up your usual walking routine and stimulate your dog? Our hydrotherapy is an excellent alternative.

These sessions are fun, while giving your dog exercise in a safe, warm, and clean environment. Though these workouts are designed with fun in mind, your dog will be working harder than ever with the water resistance created in the pool.

All owners who are interested in these sessions are required to receive a referral from a vet.

The first dog is priced at £30, with each additional dog priced at £15 each.

Pre-Paid Bulk Session Discounts

We offer discounts on sessions pre-purchased in bulk, applied to you rather than your dog which means if you have multiple pooches, the discount can be spread across all your dogs.

Pre-Paid Bulk Session Discounts

  • 5 Sessions Pre-Paid = 5% Discount. (1 Dog £142)

  • 10 Sessions Pre-Paid = 10% Discount. (1 Dog £270)

  • 15 Sessions Pre-Paid = 15% Discount. (1 Dog £382)

  • 20 Sessions Pre-Paid = 20% Discount. (1 Dog £480)

All pre-paid sessions are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and can be booked when required depending on session availability.

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Contact us for more information on the swimming lessons, underwater treadmill sessions, and hydrotherapy we offer to dogs in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.